1. Giving us all a final say on Brexit

after three and a half years of chaos, it’s time for the British people to have the final say on our relationship with the EU. I will support in Parliament a referendum on the final negotiated deal, with remain on the ballot paper. In that referendum I will vote and actively campaign to remain.

2. Housing as a human right

My number 1 priority will be ending the Tories housing and homelessness crisis. I’ll support an increase in genuinely affordable homes, re-establishing the link between Local Housing Allowance and local rents and a Housing First approach to end the scandal of rough sleeping.

3. Campaigning for cleaner air and for a Green New Deal

We are facing a climate emergency and environmental breakdown. Dirty air surrounds us in Poplar & Limehouse and it particularly affects the health of children and older people. I will campaign to clean up our air and ensure a healthy future for our city.

We need urgent action today to reduce our carbon emissions and we have to be ambitious about ending our reliance on fossil fuels. I’m proud Labour are aiming to achieve a net zero carbon economy by 2030. I will fight for a Green New Deal which invests in quality skilled jobs in the industries and infrastructure we need to tackle the climate crisis.

4. Standing up for our NHS

I will defend our amazing NHS by fighting for funding for our local health services including mental health services. Universal healthcare, free at the point of need, is the envy of the world. We have to stand up for patients and NHS staff by making sure they have the resources they need. I will campaign for a much greater focus on mental health, with parity of esteem and resources so everyone who needs help can get it.

5. Fight for better youth services & to end knife crime: Better opportunities for young people, apprenticeships and a future jobs fund

Creating better opportunities for our young people is core to who I am and why I want to be your MP. I have worked in this constituency all my life with young people from difficult and vulnerable backgrounds, helping to up-skill them, train them and support them into apprenticeships and jobs. We have too many amazing young people with huge potential who are blocked by barriers put in their way. We need a Labour government to help those young people succeed through investment in youth services and job opportunities.

6. Funding for our schools & sure start centres

I went to a local state school and worked hard to get to Cambridge University. I know the value of education and how important it is for young people to achieve their potential. Early years services are crucial and I will fight to protect and expand Sure Start.

7. Safer streets and tackling ASB as well as funding for legal aid

Too many people feel unsafe and too many families are affected by knife crime. I’ve worked in youth work for over 10 years & alongside the police in building relationships with the local community. I will campaign to make our streets safer and to tackle anti-social behaviour.

The Tories’ cuts to legal aid have removed access to justice for thousands of people. We need to restore funding for legal aid so no one is priced out of justice.