Suzy in the Media

The Telegraph:The political women to watch out for in 2015

"You might not have heard of Suzy Stride, but I’m willing to bet she’s a star of the future.

Cockney, and proud of it, Stride is hoping to displace Robert Halfon as MP for Harlow. That’s a tall order, as he’s very popular locally and has enjoyed a high profile in Westminster. But if anyone can do it, Stride can.

Born and bred in Bow, East London, she studied at Cambridge, before working on youth crime prevention projects at a charity run by her brother Eddie. She’s smart, energetic and very determined, with a personality as striking as her accent."

The Observer:Mentoring scheme gives women keys to gates of power

Suzy Stride, 33, an "East End girl", has worked with young people not in employment, education or training for 10 years. As a result of the scheme, she said, she was now prospective parliamentary Labour candidate for Harlow. "I realised that if I want life to change for the young people that I know, I have to go where the decisions are made – and that's Westminster. The privately educated white middle-class males have had bridges to power built for hundreds of years. It's time for women and ethnic minorities to build their own bridges."

The Observer:How passion has been purged from politics – along with ordinary people

Suzy Stride, a feisty, gobby, working-class woman in her early 30s, the parliamentary candidate for Harlow, who stands in the lobby of the Premier Inn and delivers a better political speech than I’ve heard from any member of the shadow cabinet. “I was born and bred in the most deprived borough of London,” she says. “And my mum was a shelf-stacker and I went to a state school, but I was lucky because it was a good one and I got to Cambridge and it completely changed my life experience. And it’s not OK that people’s lives are affected by things outside their control. We should all think that that’s not OK. That it’s not OK that an economic apartheid operates in this country."

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