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Andrew Gwynne MP:

Suzy is a committed Labour Party activist, she has worked hard for her community over many years, and is a strong voice against all forms of injustice. She would make a brilliant MP.

John McDonnell MP:

Suzy Stride is a great campaigner and passionate about Labour Party values, She is a great fighter for social justice in her community.

Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol:

Suzi has spent 15 years of her life fighting for better life chances of young people who live in poplar and Limehouse. She is the kind of person we need in Westminster.

Clive Lewis MP:

Suzy is a grassroots campaigner, her heart is to see people’s lives transformed, and she is someone who knows the system needs to be shaken up if we are to see real justice for those left behind. She is someone that fights daily for a society where everyone can reach their potential and she is passionate about fighting against injustice wherever she finds it. She would be a strong voice for local people in parliament.

Anna Turley MP:

Suzy has been outspoken on issues of injustice nationally and internationally, she has great vision for the radical change that the next Labour government needs to bring, there are not many MPs that have spent 15 years working with vulnerable young people helping to get them upskilled and into work, we need people like her with real life experience of injustice and bringing change, she would make a fantastic MP, Labour needs her on the green benches, I hope you will back her for MP for Poplar.

Owen Jones:

Suzy Stride is from a working class background and understands the needs of working class communities having worked with vulnerable young people for many years – she is the kind of person we need in Parliament.

Lisa Nandy MP:

Suzy is an infectious communicator able to persuade and encourage. This is the type of voice we need for our communities and in Parliament.

Yvette Cooper MP:

Suzy Stride has worked hard over many years to secure apprenticeships for many young adults in her community. Something she is very passionate about.

Jonathan Reynolds MP:

Suzy Stride has worked hard for many years as a Labour activist, she has a proven track record of bringing change, and is passionate about her community. Parliament, and politics, needs people like Suzy in it.

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