About Suzy

I am a born and bred East Ender from a working class background. Four generations of my family have been active within the Labour movement and public service in Poplar and Limehouse, where I have lived all my life and am raising my own young family. I am incredibly passionate about the community I love and the area that I am proud to call home.

I grew up in a home where my Greek Cypriot mother worked nights in Asda and my dad worked for the local authority and later a Housing Association. I went to a state school and was the only person from my year group to attend Cambridge University. My dissertation subject was youth crime prevention in Tower Hamlets.

I spent some time working on development projects in Thailand and China before moving to South Africa for 18 months where I pioneered a youth intervention project in a Township with at risk young adults.

Since 2005 I have spent my working life focussing on youth work in Poplar and Limehouse working with young people not in education, employment or training and supporting them to unlock their potential. These seemingly small acts: running youth clubs, pioneering youth crime prevention projects, leading in school interventions, training senior teacher teams, have made real and tangible differences in the lives of disadvantaged young people, many from BAME backgrounds. I have also built partnerships with business and companies over many years in Poplar to help provide apprenticeships and jobs for young people – helping to bridge the rich / poor divide in Poplar. I have been involved in training school senior leadership teams including head teachers on how to change the culture of their schools so that kids at risk of exclusion can flourish.

Hailing from the Teviot Estate, to the University of Cambridge and back again, Suzy Stride embodies the capability, courage, and compassion necessary to be the next MP for Poplar and Limehouse. Suzy has given up the trappings usually associated with a Cambridge education to dedicate herself to work within the constituency. This is testament to her character and resolve. Suzy understands the ideals of community activism, public service and the broad range of local needs - because it has defined her entire life.


I am supporting Suzy to be our PPC as I believe we need a strong working class voice in parliament to help make sure the people of Poplar and Limehouse are heard. As Chair of a local residents' association covering 1,000 homes, and a Non-Executive Director of a Women’s Housing Charity, I know Suzy’s contribution to transforming one of the most deprived parts of the country as our MP will prove invaluable. That is why you should select her as our next PPC.

- Chris Worrall (Chair of Bromley South ward Labour Party )

This work and seeing the positive change a Labour government can bring and how the life chances of these young people have been stunted by Tory led austerity led me to play an active role in the Labour movement holding various roles in my local party over the last 20 years, including political education officer, branch chair and fundraiser. Our home has been regularly used as a committee room for more than thirty years. I also advised members of the shadow cabinet on how to engage young people in politics, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds (2011-2012).

In 2011 I was selected as the prospective parliamentary candidate in the marginal seat of Harlow, Essex. During this time I was proud to lead a campaigning team in a difficult political climate against a high profile Tory incumbent. I worked proactively with comrades in the trade union movement and surrounding CLPs to launch campaigns and raise more than £100,000 and ran an energetic campaign. We mobilised members in record numbers to campaign and achieved significant contact rates, including topping the leader board for contacts prior to the general election.

As a PPC I also appeared regularly on local and national media, including major broadcast outlets including Sky News and BBC News and was named 1 of 5 women to watch in politics by Channel 4 News and Telegraph columnist Cathy Newman, alongside Theresa May and Jo Swinson.

I want to be the Member of Parliament for Poplar and Limehouse to speak up for the community I love. Our area is proudly multicultural, diverse and vibrant but it is also afflicted by poverty and social disadvantage. In particular, I want to be a voice for the young people I have worked with, those young people who were held back from fulfilling their potential because of factors outside of their control. I know that as our MP, I will never stop until we have the right policies in place that mean no person is held back from fulfilling their potential, no matter what their background or postcode. I will endeavour to stand up for families of those my son goes to nursery with: children with talents and potential beyond measure but who under this government breathe dirtier air, are at greater risk of violence and have less economic opportunity than their peers in Kensington or wealthier postcodes.

I believe with the right MP and a Labour Government that greater things are ahead for Poplar and Limehouse but also great change and transformation for the country at large.

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