I am putting myself forward to be Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate in Harlow because I have a proven track record of grassroots community activism and bringing change on a local level, and I know I can win back this seat for you. Harlow needs an MP that will fight for the things that matter, working hard for local as well as national concerns.

I want to be the MP in Harlow because I believe Harlow deserves better, more investment in schools and hospitals, better regeneration of the town centre, more jobs and a living wage – all of these you will not get under a Tory Government.

Having spent most of my working life – working in education to upskill and fight for young people and families to get jobs, as well as working as a community activist and a policy advisor in Westminster I am passionate about bringing change in Harlow

Having worked as a youth and community worker for many years I have seen first-hand how Government funding and policy effects the grassroots.I want to use this knowledge to help fight for the right national policies for Harlow.

I grew up in a family of 4, my mum use to stack shelves in Asda and my dad worked in housing, I believe politics needs more down to earth, normal people in it to represent people you need to understand where they are coming from.

Harlow needs an MP that will fight for the things that matter, working hard for local as well as national concerns.

I am someone who knows and understands local communities and their issues – being brought up in one of the most deprived areas in the country – I understand that every constituent matters, and the work I do will directly impact their quality of life – and that matters to me.

I am passionate and committed to standing up for those that feel forgotten in Harlow, we know that every person is important and every unjust issue should be fought for.

As someone who had the difficult journey from state-school education to Cambridge I know and understand some of the barriers that confront Harlow residents. I believe that the chances I have had should be open to the many, not just the few. As your MP I will work day and night to ensure that every person in Harlow gets the chance to realise their potential. I know we can make a start by campaigning for more social housing, a strategy to tackle the rising and deeply damaging levels of unemployment and low achievement, and by providing a voice that will attract new business and regeneration opportunities for Harlow.

I am standing because I want to make a difference for the people of Harlow. I want to fight for what matters to them, and bring the change that is needed. I want to stand up for every constituent whether the need is housing, education, healthcare or jobs. Whatever the issue I want to fight for the right outcome for this community.