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Why I'm standing

As many of my friends will know, I have put myself forward to be selected as the Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Poplar and Limehouse, the constituency I was born in and have lived in my whole life.

I grew up in a home where my Greek Cypriot mother worked nights in Asda. I went to a state school and I was the only person from my year group to attend Cambridge University.

Since 2005, I have spent my whole working life working in Poplar and Limehouse with young people often from vulnerable backgrounds helping them to get training and support so that they can fulfill their potential. I have also built partnerships with business and companies over many years in Poplar and across London to help provide apprenticeships and jobs for young people – helping to bridge the rich / poor divide in Poplar.

My priorities

Campaigning for a People’s Vote on Brexit

Fighting for better youth services, safer streets, and an end to knife crime

Campaigning for cleaner air

Campaigning for more affordable homes

Standing up for our NHS and more help for our mental health services

Campaigning for more investment in our schools and transport

I first campaigned for the Labour Party in 1997 when I was 15 years old, and have been passionately involved over many years. Becoming Women’s officer, political education officer and Branch chair, becoming a parliamentary candidate in a marginal constituency and advising senior shadow cabinet members on engaging young people in politics.

There are some brilliant people wanting to stand for Labour at the next election. Suzy is one of the best candidates I’ve campaigned with. She’d be a great MP.

- Lisa Nandy MP

Having run a high profile and energetic campaign in a key marginal in 2015 I know the commitment it takes and some of the personal sacrifice involved to run for Parliament and have worked with enough MPs to know it can often be a thankless task. In a time of great division and polarised debate the easy thing would be to opt out and leave the field to someone else. But in 20 years of community work with young people, I’ve seen the difference a Labour government makes and the destruction a Tory one brings. I’ve seen lives changed by policies like the Future Jobs Fund and good education reform.

And I’ve seen too many young people left behind by policies dreamt up by clever people who have never walked a day in the trainers of the young people I have worked with. We all know this is not right or fair, and the question is who will speak up for these young people in the midst of all the challenges we are facing as a country from Brexit, to growing inequality to growing air pollution?

The thing I hear all the time from people in Poplar and Limehouse is how tired everyone is of the debate in modern politics. Tired of a Brexit debate going nowhere. I think it was Lloyd George who said that a tired country is a Tory one and Britain can not afford to be tired and it can not afford to be Tory. Could there be a truer word for today?

So, I know I talk fast, that I’ve got a cockney accent and I didn’t go to the David Cameron finishing school for wannabe politicians. But politics needs energy, ideas, authenticity and passion for justice, and I have that in bucket loads.

I want to be the Member of Parliament for Poplar and Limehouse to speak up for the community I love; proudly multicultural, and vibrant but it is also afflicted by poverty and social disadvantage.

I've known Suzy for a decade and worked with her in Poplar for five years. She's Isle of Dogs through and through, and cares deeply about the area she grew up in. Would be an incredible MP and campaigner for Poplar and Limehouse. The embodiment of who we'd all want our MPs to be.

- Matt Gilise

In particular, I want to be a voice for the young people I have worked with, those young people who have been held back from fulfilling their potential because of factors outside of their control. I know that as our MP, I will never stop until we have the right policies in place that mean no person is held back from fulfilling their potential, no matter what their background or postcode.

I believe with the right MP and a Labour Government that greater things are ahead for Poplar and Limehouse but also great change and transformation for the country at large.

"I believe change is always possible and I have a determined, confident belief to see through long lasting change for Poplar and Limehouse. Everything in me wants to take what I have learnt from grassroots change to a national level to bring transformation to those in society that most need it, in Poplar and nation-wide, and that is why I want to be your next MP."

- Suzy

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